5 Best Italy travel destinations

5 best Italy travel destinations are contained with the popular city which really best describing Italian atmosphere. As a large peninsula, Italy consists for more than hundreds different cities. Sure it will be kind of confusing for the first time traveler since this country is fame for its rich attractions. Not only known as the historical land of Roman Empire, Italy also being the center of catholic art, delicious culinary culture and home for the remarkable fashion industry. That’s why to ease you in finding the most picturesque attraction, we give you a brief review of best Italy travel destinations based on its popularity and value.

Italy Travel Destinations

As a central of Roman Empire, this city is recording and keeping the historical story of ancient Rome. This is the place where you can trace back the time and enjoying the remarkable Colosseum, an ancient roman monument for power and culture. Not only offering the ancient history, Rome also provides the complex story of renaissance era. The mixed atmosphere of ancient and catholic medieval era makes this city to be best Italy travel destination.

Italy Travel Destinations

This city is fame among the romantic seeker traveler. This is the best Italy travel place where you can find the most romantic gondola experience while enjoying the beauty of renaissance building. If you have the chance to visit this city in winter time, you can see the magical atmosphere of Venice because all city was covering by mist. But just make sure yourself to not come in summer since in summer time the canals have weird smell.

Italy Travel Destinations

For cultural and architectural lover, this best Italy travel destination is just like a gem. This is the place where you can see the center of renaissance era. A lot of wonderful architectural building was located in this city. If Rome has coliseum and Venice has romantic canals, then, Florence is a place where you can find the Piazza, a complex of political activity in dark ages which covering with stunning architectural heritage.

Italy Travel Destinations

This city is a popular destination among the billionaire. Known with its beautiful beach and actually one of the best in Mediterranean. This is the place where you can enjoy the beauty of the blue ocean that covering it with unique natural perfume like thymes and rosemary. And, since the fame of its remarkable beauty, Sardinia is no longer became an exclusive place for billionaire super yacht, but now this city also offering best Italy travel accommodation for mid budget traveler.

Italy Travel Destinations

Everybody knows what Milan is and what make this city become best Italy travel destination. As one of a fashion center on the world, Milan is a place where all shopaholic, jet set and fashionista gathering together in one place, especially when Milan fashion week come.

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