Mountain biking can be adrenaline sports, mountain bike but still has many fans around the world, including five mountain biking locations below for extreme challenges where you are able to do so. Five locations, cycling is not only intended for extreme challenges, some places also a mountain tourist destination with stunning scenery even for those who are not interested in cycling can see the beauty of the mountain. And if you are not a skilled mountain biker then you will find the location of a fixed cycling fun, so look at the five locations following mountain biking.

Moab, Utah USA

Utah mountain biking is a place that gives the most amazing cycling experience, all locations are available for beginners to grand champion in the area around Moab in eastern Utah. For starters there is the Bar-M circles, if you climb the hill you will see the scenery around the Arches National Park.Extreme challenge seekers should look at the world‘s most famous Slickrock Bike Trail, this 13-mileviews of the sand that has been petrified and erosion of an ancient seabed. You must have the abilityto defy gravity like to conquer this mountain.

The Cliffs of Moher

Nearly one million visitors who come to the Cliffs of Moher and Doolin city every year, including themountain bike lovers who want to see the sunset from the top of the hill. Some visitors love walkingalong the bluffs or menagambil their tour boat, but the extreme biking challenge to be the most difficultpart during the trip. The updrafts in the air can be quite powerful and disturbing biker, while about 200meters seen the Atlantic Ocean, so you will be required to wear safety helmets.

Copper Mountain

Some locations also mountain biking resort and tourist area cool, Copper Mountain, in the upper peninsula of Michigan to be the best cycling option, even though the State is not very popular in the United States but they have a wonderful cycling area. Cycling trails covering 20 runs of the path along the 25 miles with 700 feet of elevation change. Keweenaw Adventure Company in Copper Hrbor downtown will give you all the settings and shuttle service to area hotels.

Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking

You can set yourself biking trip in Bolivia, but it would be much easier if you are entrusting to travelthrough Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking. They already have a good reputation for the quality of the ride. You love a challenge and include extreme biker? Gravity will send the most dangerous roads inthe world, while on a trip like Spot Cool Stuff will be waiting for you, it includes a visit to a hauntedcastle.

Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez

You want to take part in the Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez? Then you are ready when your legs getcrushed beyond recognition (seems very extreme). That seems a real possibility for the participantsMegavalanche, the three extreme mountain biking competition culminating in granting AvalancheTrophy. There Megavalanche event took place in Peru and Reunion Island, the most beautiful butshould be the first stage of the race dropped from 3,300 meter summit of Pic Blanc in the French Alps.That’s when the 250 or so tightly packed mountain bikers speeding down a snowy slope. It’s amazingly fun to watch.

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