Best 5 Star Hotel in Berlin Germany is rated based on the facilitation, service and award winning that gained by the hotel. Berlin is historical city which recorded long story of human civilization. This is the place where the huge wall who divided this country in two ideology and political interest crumbling to the ground after the war over. The sad history of war is not the only attraction of this city, deep inside it, Berlin also offering the beauty of European architecture and panorama which make it perfect European destination. To understand more about the attraction of this city, here is the review of our top pick 5 star hotels in Berlin.

The Adlon Kempinski offering you a luxurious 5 star hotel in Berlin which combines historical and stunning European architecture. The hotel is close to Brandenburg gate who becoming symbol and icon of metropolis Berlin. This is the place where royal family and celebrities spend their night when they are in Berlin. And, don’t be surprised if you found a lot of people visiting this hotel, only to take a look or sense the historical atmosphere. The hotel provides you 382 rooms and suites with classy decoration. Right after you are entering the building, you will be indulge by stunning fountain, which is gift from maharaja. If you have enough budgets try the room that directly facing the Brandenburg gate because this is the best room which you can choose in this hotel.

The food in here is exceptional and succeeded in making Adlon Kempinski to be award winning of best 5 star hotels Berlin. There are three different restaurants that you can try and each restaurant is sharing their own characteristic. If you look for classic French food with amazing view of the historical gate while you drink your champagne, then the Lorenz Adlon is a perfect place, especially since this restaurant fame for its French cuisine. But, if you more like Italian or spicy, but delicious Asian food, then you should try Gabriele restaurant and MA restaurant. Both of these restaurants are very well known for their world class standard. There is also option for people who prefer to get full atmosphere of Berlin by eating traditional Germany cuisine on Quarre restaurant.

Bottom line

Well, this is the best 5 star hotel in Berlin which provides you with tight historical atmosphere, stunning view, excellent service from the staff and world class culinary experience. The place is easy to access and close to the Berlin popular attraction like Museum Island. The hotel also equipped with Mediterranean pool and spa to indulge the guest.

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