Best European River Cruises Reviews

Best European river cruises reviews contained with our top picked cruises company who offering a wonderful combination of the luxurious cruise style with European tourism atmosphere. For adventure traveler, river cruise could be boring trip because you will spend most of the time on the river, and when you on the land you have to join a monotone group tour instead of exploring it by yourself. It just likes learning the ancient Egypt in museum instead of come to Egypt and explores the pyramid and historical town by your own. But, for people who love the simplicity of vacation and don’t like to be bothered by complicated planning and the possibility, this is the perfect type of vacation that you need to try. Not only being indulged by the luxurious decoration and professional service, but you also will be provided with the beautiful European attraction along the river. Well, to ease you find more about this type of vacation, here we give you a brief European river cruises reviews.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises Collection

Uniworld known as the leading company of cruise river in Europe. The name of Uniworld always described with the words luxury and comfort. The best cruise which also becoming golden boy in their collection is SS Antoinette. With the capacity of 180 people, this cruise is ready to serve you with global master chef, professional butler, and full equipped amenities like free Wi-Fi, laundry and another personal stuff. SS Antoinette is winning in multiple awards of European river cruises reviews that conducted by the well-known agency such as Condé Nast Traveler’s and Travel + Leisure.

AMA Waterways

AMA Waterways is the newcomer in river cruise agency, despite with its young experience, AMA already prove themselves as one of the best. Since they are new in this business, all of their cruise ships are still in the new condition and being designed with the most modern style. Their newest cruise ship and also becoming icon in their collection is AmaCerto. This cruise was intended as party place, so don’t be surprised with its glamorous decoration. The unique characteristics of AmaCerto also succeed in making the name of AMA Waterways becoming headline in European river cruises reviews.

Viking River Cruises

Viking is honored as the largest company in several European river cruises reviews. Not only providing the regular destination like Europe, this company also becoming pioneer in another booming destination likes China and Russia. This is the most reliable company in this business, judging by the well-known experience in the term quality and quantity. Their iconic collection is Idun and Odin. Both of them are long ship type of cruise ship that design with extravagant cabin.

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