Best Italian beach holiday destinations are offering you with stunning beach view, but with Italian atmosphere. Well, sure there’s a lot of popular stunning beach in Italia, especially since this country is largely peninsula. And, maybe for some tourist Sardinia is a place to explore Mediterranean beach beauty, but for me the best beach on Italy is located in Tuscany. Tuscany is a small beautiful pedestrian place in Italy and also a home for Viareggio beach. This is the perfect beach if you want to experience the best Italy travel with real Italian atmosphere.

Why Should you go?

Tuscany is peaceful Italian place with calming atmosphere. This is definitely the best Italy traveldestination when you want to take a break after doing long Italian journey. Since it is located in small medieval city, this city offering a full Italian atmosphere which never be seen by tourist except the local. Just like the Tuscany, the Viareggio beach also offering the same atmosphere, this is the place where Rome, Milan and Florence family come for holiday and also young people with their yacht playing around.

What can I do over there?

You can do all the regular beach activities like swimming, sun bathing, making sand castle, or playing the volley beach. And, you also can do passeggiata with everyone else in the beach when evening come. Well, unlike another Italian beach, Viareggio is less night life oriented and more family interest, which make it perfect for family trip or single traveler who loves peaceful atmosphere. Even if it is less night life oriented, but you still can find bars along the streets. This best Italy travel place is also known with its delicious local food on the famous Trattoria Buonamico. This is a famous local restaurant near the beach. But if you are not hungry yet, you can just grab a cup of espresso or cappuccino on Gran Caffé Margherita while watching the local activities.

How can I get there?

Well you can visit this beach and lovely best Italy travel city by air since it is only needed thirty minutes driving from Pisa airport. Or if you prefer on the land trip, you can just book a train ticket. The Viareggio is a part of Rome – Genoa major train line, so you don’t have to be worried about lacking of transportation. Join the Tuscany package also a nice idea if you are a traveler who loves simplicity, but if you prefer the independent one you can do it Via Francigena.

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