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Travel in Prague, Czech will give you a fascinating historical knowledge. Prague is city with lots of old buildings and historic sites are amazing, one of which is monument astronomical clock in the Old Town Hall to be best tourist destination for local and international tourists. For more details, here is a brief history of the most phenomenal monument in Prague. Old Town Hall was founded in 1338, when King John of Luxembourg Old Town Prague earn the right to establish its own administrative center. Was originally used as a town hall gothic house by wealthy merchants of Kamen, for the magnificent tower built in 1364. Old Town Hall is synonymous with the most significant events of the Czech state, where George was elected king of Bohemia in 1458. When the four districts of Prague joined in 1784, bringing together city hall city administration official. Since the town hall undergone many changes, even marriages have also begun held since 1871. Since the end of the Second World War, the city hall turned into a focal point of the uprising with the operation of the basement, even on 7 May 1945, the town hall was bombed and heavily damaged.

City hall has the most valuable thing is the Council Hall of the century -15, here a lot of the process is an important milestone in the history of the city. Ornate Renaissance of the 16th century adorn the ceiling with gold rabtai, high sculpture which tells of the sufferings of Christ 1410. The municipal coats of arms above the portals and 46 guild coats of arms and 12 municipal coats of arms on the wooden panelling of the walls are authentic. The interior is completed with a baroque tiled stove.

The so-called Jirik Hall and Brozik Hall on the second floor are worthy of separate attention. The Jirik Hall gets its name from a bust of King George (Jirik in Czech) of Podebrady. There are valuable paintings from the beginning of the 15th century on the walls. On the wall, there is a View of Petrin Hill by Karel Liebscher from 1902. The Brozik Hall took on its current appearance in 1910 and it is used as a conference room. It covers the entire ground plan of the building and the height of two floors. It bears the name of Václav Brozik, the artist responsible for two large oil paintings on canvas.

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