How to choose your Italy travel packages 2016 is a brief review and tips about several Italian travel packages, which consist of accommodation, transportation, and holiday activities. As a popular tourism destination, Italy offers rich varieties of attractions. Of course, if this is your first time vacation on Italy, it could lead to headache and frustration since all of us want the perfect vacation experience. Having a lot of good options are should be a wonderful thing, but if you could not decide what you want because of it, then just prepare for disaster. So, in order to enrich your information and helping you plan your ideal vacation, here is our review of Italy travel package.

Step 1: Choose you accommodation

Choose the right accommodation is one of the biggest decisions on your vacation, because the condition of accommodation will bring huge impact to the ideal vacation. For example you are preferred the luxurious service and hotel, but because the wrong decision you book an expensive hotel with low standard quality, of course this thing will make your vacation become miserable. That’s why get informed about your preference hotel and also knowing your ideal hotel are the basic thing that you should do. And don’t forget to check the latest update for your accommodation because sometimes the hotel gives special offer which is so beneficial. Here’s our list of Italy travel package and accommodation and that you can try.

A & K Villas: specialist operator for luxurious villa, especially the one which located on Tuscany.
Citalia: hotel operator for three to five stars hotel specialized for family and value hotel across the Italy.

Step 2: plan your activities

After you get your ideal accommodation, you need to decide and plan your activities. That’s why searching about Italy travel destinations is a must. For planning your activities, you need to set your standard about ideal vacation that you want. For example you always dream to exploring the romantically atmosphere of Venice with gondola. And, here’s our top list of Italy travel package agency that can help planning your activities.
Art Viva: specialist in providing art and museum tours across Italy.
Andante Travels: specialist on ancient and archaeological site like Pompeii.
Louis Cruises: providing on budget cruise experience on the Italy.

Step 3: prepare your transportation

Preparing you transportation is the most essential thing on your vacation, especially if you are independent traveler. There’re several transportation that you can try inside Italy such as plane, train, car, bus and boat. For air journey, you can find airport almost in all big cities and popular destination in Italy. So, I guess it would be okay. The problem maybe lay on the rental car, the rental and parking fee over here is kind of expensive.

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