Marrakech Morocco Tourist Attractions

Marrakech Morocco Tourist Attractions has been succeed in inviting thousands of people to come and enjoying the city. The unique attraction of Marrakech Morocco could be described as sandwich which consist of multiple layers and each layer has their own characteristic and taste. This is the place where the cultural explorer find the old Islamic architecture and atmosphere. But, this is also the place for adventurer to enjoy beautiful nature landscape and thrilling medieval city activity like kissing the cobra. Both of them are mixed up together with glorious nightlife and luxurious tourist centre that you can find easily in Marrakech.

Djemaa El-Fna

Marrakech Morocco known as a place of old city Medina lies. It was a center of politics, culture and religion on Morocco when Islamic medieval era reach its glory. But nowadays, you still can explore and feel this unique old atmosphere since Djemaa El-Fna offering the same activity and entertainment which not really different from a long time ago. This is the place where you can see cobra performer, traditional music, juggling and stuff like that, gathering together in one place. All the shows, make Djemaa El-Fna to be the center of Medina that too great to be missed.


This is local traditional market where you can find anything you need on Marrakech Morocco, no matter it is rare thing, unique thing or even shoes and spicy. If you always think that you have a great talent in act, well you can prove your act skill in here because bargaining is a must. You just need to ask the price then tell that it was too expensive. When they reject your offer, just show cool flat face and said you don’t need it. If your act really that good, they will call you back and accepting your offer. Remember to be a bull headed.

Majorelle Gardens

Jacques and Louis Majorelle building this garden in the middle of Marrakech Morocco in 1920. The beautiful views of hundreds flower and plant are too bad to be wasted when you are visiting this city. There’s cafeteria inside when you want to take a rest from crowded Marrakech while accompanied by stunning decoration. And, not to mention, you could also visiting the Museum of Islamic Art inside the garden. The museum consists of pottery, tribal art, jewelry, and carpet. You just need to spend about $5 to enter this garden.

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